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Learning objectives aligned with
strategic goals

Customizable competency model

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You can easily customize our competency model
to suit the needs of your organization.

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Alignment with strategic goals
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"No Touch" Personalized
Learning Path

Every learner in your organization is unique

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Our system offers individualized learning path
and adaptable learning experience for each employee.

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"No Touch" Personalized Learning Path
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Microlearning - Spaced repetition - Practice

Leveraging brain science techniques

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Our technology is based
on latest research in brain science.

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Microlearning - Spaced repetition - Practice
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Feedback and Coaching Support

Measurable progress in development of skills and competencies

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Identifying and developing
high performers managers and employees.

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Feedback and Coaching Support


Measurable progress in skills and competencies development

SNAPSIM™ is a smart analytical platform designed to provide meaningful real-time data on employees’ leadership competencies for HR professionals and fully autonomous learning and development process for employees.

SNAPSIM™ features and advantages

SNAPSIM™ advantages for your organization

With SNAPSIM™ intelligent learning solution, organizations can significantly reduce cost and time their employees spend in training. Our system automatically analyses footprint each learner has left and uses it as key to personalization of learning experiences and achieving the return on learning.

Change management made easy


Implementing a new training approach can be hard. Organization usually has training process and system in place. Even if you are fully committed to change it can be difficult to persuade managers. Managers are people and people make mistakes. Development of managerial skills in corporate environment has developed over time, but some managerial myths are still very hard to bust. In training and development, the following myths exist:


The more content in leadership programs, the better

Typical large company learning management system (LMS) contains 1000+ courses. The content in them overlaps by 70%. Companies have unlimited options to develop their employees, but HR professionals still struggle to quantify results of leadership development.


Leaders are born, they can't be developed

Management is often described as art or magic. But most managerial actions are simple and understandable. Knowledge and skills can be learned and taught. Modern technology also offers means to practice what was learned in safe environment.

Traditional vs. Modern E-learning

The old way vs. the SNAPSIM™ way

SNAPSIM™ advantages for your organization become clear when you compare two approaches in corporate training and development. Most companies still use the old, ineffective approach. Our approach based on brain science and best practice which allow your employees to spend less time in training and get measurable achievements that directly contribute to the bottom line faster.

The Old Way

No clear indicators to link learning experiences with expected results.

One-size-fits-all learning programs.

E-learning is just a “digitized” version of traditional learning methods.

Success in learning is measured in “quantitative” terms – amount of courses and tests taken, tests results.


Clear learning objectives based on identified gaps in knowledge and skills.

Individual learning path.

Learning is based on cognitive science - on how human brain processes information.

Success in learning is measured in quality terms – measurable progress in skills and competencies development.



Traditional learning paradigm doesn’t use foundational cognitive research. Now we know how brain learn more than ever before. Basically the science tells us that brain learns best when information is short, spaced over time and actively used in practice.

How Does It Work?

The SNAPSIM™ Solution

SNAPSIM™ learning algorithm guides every learner through the first three levels of Bloom taxonomy: Remember – Understand – Apply. Every employee in training moves to the next level only after the system "confirms" that she learned, understood and correctly applied in practice what was learnt.

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Key SNAPSIM™ modules

Supporting T&D process on all its stages

SNAPSIM™ suite has the following key modules: 1) setting goals 2) learning 3) understanding 4) application. This approach helps to support training and development in corporate environment on all its stages: defining objectives, designing learning process, organizing learning experience, controlling results. Another key module is statists – it offers 20+ analytical forms to evaluate progress and results.

Main stages in a learning process

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We offer you

Proactive Approach

SNAPSIM™ uses proactive approach – our system defines a profile of an ideal manager, evaluates current state of skills and knowledge of each user, then offers an individual learning path and constantly provides feedback on development progress and how his/profile compares to an ideal profile – all before shortage of knowledge and skills will cause underperformance.

The base of the algorithm


SNAPSIM™ uses PCP-leadership model to identify and develop employees with leadership capabilities. This model has three main elements:

Potential (P):
Learning agility
Competencies (C)
Managing self
Achieving results
Using resources
Working with people
Providing direction
Facilitating change
Passion (P):

SNAPSIM™ model helps managers on every level to develop specific leadership and management skills and competencies.

Модель лидерства

How to start?

EASY AS 1-2-3

If you want to measure how managerial skills and knowledge of employees are developed over time, use SNAPSIM™.
Our system is simple to use and easily customizable in three quick steps:

Customize model

You can customize our model of managerial competencies to mirror the preferences of your company. However, this step is optional – our detailed competency system is designed to work out-of-the box for most companies.

Evaluate employees

Employees get their assessments. The system compares their knowledge and skills with a profile of an "ideal" manager – according to profile of competencies you have created. Then, the system evaluates the profile of each employee and offers personalized development programme.

Evaluatet heir progress

This step requires no input from you, as it happens automatically. You will get updates on how managerial skills of your team are developed. You get clear picture on potential and progress of each member of your group.